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We supply 4 wheeled plastic and metal (galvanised) wheelie bins, wheelie bins in commercial quantities - generally from stock. We supply recycle bins and many other bins and accessories. We are specialist Rubbermaid and Hailo distributors.

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And finally, we hope everyone knows what we mean by a wheelie bin, some people still use the term dustbin.  We do sell dustbins, although most people don't use them as dustbins these days. Garbage Bins, Refuse Bins, Wheely Bins, Wheeled Bins, Wheeled Waste Containers, Commercial Waste, Eurobins, Bins and Rubbish Bins are also terms that are used. Our Wheelie Bins are the lowest price, cheap even, but still top quality. We even sell mini wheelie bins.

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** "Slight seconds" or "non standard colour" refers to new bins which may have been stored for an extended time so might have some scratches or be dirty

Wheelie Bin News and Comment

Three week collections in Wales, new recycling site and a bear with sticky paws!
Here at BritishBins we never tire of seeing bins featured in the news. Here are just some of the stories that caught our attention.

Despite protests by residents a council in Wales has decided to collect general household waste every 21 days, whilst continuing to collect food waste and recyclables every week. This is in an attempt to not only save money but also save space in landfills and encourage people to recycle.  

Aberdeen has hit the waste industry headlines after they announced their proposal to provide world class facilities and divert waste from landfills. They are aiming to provide an energy from waste plant which would provide low cost heating for homes and businesses in Aberdeen.

And did you see about the cub who was trapped in a bin after rumaging for food? A wildlife official had to shoot the bear's mum to keep her sedated while a rescue mission took place. A worthwhile video to check out!

By the way it’s not just egomania that generates these little wheelie bin missives, although it helps. It appears that having changing written content on our front page assists our search engine position, keeping our volumes up and thus our wheelie bin prices down.
Three-week bin collection scheme gets under way in Gwynedd
BBC News
A controversial three-weekly bin collection scheme has been introduced in Gwynedd. Food waste and recyclable products will be collected weekly but household rubbish will from now be picked up every 21 days instead of fortnightly.
Council identifies sites for £24m waste and recycling facilities
The press and Journal
Council bosses in Aberdeen have earmarked two sites in the south of the city for a £24million investment in recycling facilities.
The developments include a major energy from waste (EfW) plant to convert household rubbish into fuel to heat homes and businesses.
They couldn't BEAR to be apart!
Daily Mail
A black bear cub was reunited with its loving mother bear after getting trapped in a trash can while rummaging for food. Footage of the foraging bears in Pasadena, California shows an adorable baby bear cub in a waste bin while it's watchful mother jumps in and out of the trash can as if to make sure the coast is clear.

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