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We supply 4 wheeled plastic and metal (galvanised) wheelie bins, wheelie bins in commercial quantities - generally from stock. We supply recycle bins and many other bins and accessories. We are specialist Rubbermaid and Hailo distributors.

We ship any order size, from single bins to UK homes to container loads worldwide. We have a subsidiary BharatBins in India.

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And finally, we hope everyone knows what we mean by a wheelie bin, some people still use the term dustbin.  We do sell dustbins, although most people don't use them as dustbins these days. Garbage Bins, Refuse Bins, Wheely Bins, Wheeled Bins, Wheeled Waste Containers, Commercial Waste, Eurobins, Bins and Rubbish Bins are also terms that are used. Our Wheelie Bins are the lowest price, cheap even, but still top quality. We even sell mini wheelie bins.

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** "Slight seconds" or "non standard colour" refers to new bins which may have been stored for an extended time so might have some scratches or be dirty

Wheelie Bin News and Comment

Landfills closing, applauding bins and bins obstructing plans
Here at BritishBins we never tire of seeing bins featured in the news, and with holiday season upon us we thought we would look at news happening further afield.

It's a controversial decision to close a landfill but that's exactly the decision that was made at Shirecliffe. This is in a bid to create greener spaces for people living there. It's fantastic that one of reasons that forced its closure was the fact that people were recycling more. We do hope though that the British weather enables people there to enjoy their new green space..

Across the pond, Canada has come up with a bin that will applaud the people that use it. Although this is a temporary solution for the time being, it does certainly sound very encouraging

..And how would you feel if bins were stopping plans to build an entertainment complex in your area? The citizens of Southend are dealing with exactly that. Southend Councillors are considering new sites for the waste storage bins. Let's hope it's nowhere near the pier...!

By the way it’s not just egomania that generates these little wheelie bin missives, although it helps. It appears that having changing written content on our front page assists our search engine position, keeping our volumes up and thus our wheelie bin prices down.
End of an era as last lorry is emptied at landfill site
The Star
The last-ever load of waste has been emptied at the Parkwood landfill site in Shirecliffe. It will no longer accept active waste – although the process of filling the large space left with inert material such as rubble and earth will now begin, with the aim of turning the land into a public green space.
Barrie garbage bins will applaud your effort
The City of Barrie is spending $100 to test out garbage bins that will applaud when you use it.
The short-term pilot project by Innovate Barrie will have two bins installed with a sound box with a motion sensor.
Rubbish bin woe ‘won’t affect Southend cinema plan’
RUBBISH bins will not block plans for a new multiplex cinema near Southend seafront, the council has said. Southend Council officers want to move waste storage bins from Seaway Car Park, Southend, to make way for the new cinema, restaurant and entertainment complex.

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