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Terms and Conditions

  1. Notwithstanding any statuary rights, all items supplied by BritishBins are subject to these terms and conditions.
  2. Free delivery (where offered) applies to mainland England and Wales, BritishBins will provide a quotation for other UK or international destinations.
  3. When more than one two wheeled bin supplied, they may be stacked and the wheels and axles may be supplied separately to be fitted by the purchaser.  The wheels are a simple permanent press fit on the axles and do not require tools.  In any case special packing requirements may involve extra charge.
  4. When two or more four wheel bins are supplied they may be in stacks up to 4 bins high. They can simply be separated by laying the bins on their fronts.  In any case special packing requirements may involve extra charge.
  5. Unless they are clearly identified as off/over stock or seconds, all our wheelie bins are brand new and unused but it is possible that they might have minor scuffs or marks on them (which will not affect their function) resulting from manufacture and delivery process. Wheelie bins are not wrapped for shipment.
  6. All our wheelie bins comply with standard (EN840) council refuse collection requirements but you are responsible for checking that the wheelie bin you select is suitable for your particular circumstances in case your council has some peculiar rules regarding which size wheelie bins they will empty.
  7. The capacities indicated are nominal and the dimensions approximate (clearance dimensions).  The colours are indicative.
  8. If a bin or bins are to be returned to us or are not accepted for delivery, except due to a fault or shipping damage, there will be a restocking fee of £5 per bin in addition to the actual cost of return shipping, which can vary, but will be at least £25 per bin. If the customer prefers they may return the bin to us at their cost. If we have modified bins to a customer's requirements, for example by fitting locks, apertures or drop down doors, we reserve the right not to accept them back.  In line with the Distance Selling Regulations for consumers, we do refund the initial delivery charge which is included in the wheelie bin price.
  9. It is the customer's responsibility to dispose of any packaging we may use to protect the items dispatched.  This packaging may include on or more pallets.
  10. For deliveries to business customers, it is assumed that the customer will be available to receive items in normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm). If there are special delivery requirements which are not pre-agreed or redelivery is required BritishBins reserves the right to back charge the customer any direct costs charged by the transport company.  Standard point of delivery is to the kerbside or loading bay. We do not routinely supply Proof of Delivery (POD) paperwork with invoices but will, of course, provide POD in any situation where there is reasonable question about delivery.
  11. Any delivery dates shown are indicative and not contractually binding.  Time is not the essence of any contract.
  12. When customers require trunnions (DIN Points) on plastic or metal bins, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the bins that we supply have the trunnions located correctly for their machines.
  13. BritishBins provides a 12 month warranty from delivery for manufacturing or design defects. Normal wear and tear and any damage caused by any use, situation or activity for which the bin, or other item, is not specifically designed or intended for, is not covered. Should a customer consider any bin or part to be defective part, it must returned to our warehouse, transportation charges prepaid by the customer. In some cases BritishBins may agree that photographic evidence is sufficient. BritishBins will analyse the item, or photographs. If BritishBins determines that it has failed due to a defect in manufacturing or design it will be replaced ex-works (our warehouse) without charge.
  14. BritishBins retains title to any bins it has supplied until payment is received in full.
  15. When BritishBins is provided with credit/debit card information by the customer, the customer agrees to BritishBins charging the card for any outstanding overdue payments, irrespective of which sales order the card information was originally provided for.
  16. BritishBins will never be liable for consequential damages and liability in any circumstance shall be limited to replacement of any item, or part thereof, excluding transport charges.

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