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Our wheelie bin prices include delivery.*

Our wheelie bins are all brand new and made to the highest quality standards by Europe's largest bin manufacturers; EN840 for Design, Performance and Safety, ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Impact.

Order online and pay by credit/debit card using our secure system or telephone: 020 8776 8957. For card orders, we don't take payment until after your order has been dispatched. We supply many Schools, Hospitals, Prisons and other entities against order number - please call.

Take care when comparing prices, as some vendors add delivery or other extras during the order process.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Commercial Wheelie Bins and Higher Quantities

We supply 4 wheeled plastic and metal (galvanised) wheelie bins, wheelie bins in commercial quantities - generally from stock. We supply recycle bins and many other bins and accessories. We are specialist Rubbermaid and Hailo distributors.

We ship any order size, from single bins to UK homes to container loads worldwide. We have a subsidiary BharatBins in India.

Please call or email us for a quote. We have the largest stock of any online vendor. You'll find dimensions for all our wheelie bins with the individual item descriptions.

We can now offer to arrange asset backed finance for wheelie bins and other items, please call.

And finally, we hope everyone knows what we mean by a wheelie bin, some people still use the term dustbin.  We do sell dustbins, although most people don't use them as dustbins these days. Garbage Bins, Refuse Bins, Wheely Bins, Wheeled Bins, Wheeled Waste Containers, Commercial Waste, Eurobins, Bins and Rubbish Bins are also terms that are used. Our Wheelie Bins are the lowest price, cheap even, but still top quality. We even sell mini wheelie bins.

* Free delivery included for Wheelie Bins to mainland England and Wales. Please see specific delivery prices which may be applicable to other items.

** "Slight seconds" or "non standard colour" refers to new bins which may have been stored for an extended time so might have some scratches or be dirty

Wheelie Bin News and Comment

Is this Toronto's most Environmentally Friendly Condo?
CTV Toronto
A Toronto condominium that only throws out one bin of garbage a month may be the city's most environmentally friendly building.
The 282-unit apartment is located at 430 McLevin Ave., in Toronto's Malvern neighbourhood. Despite the building's size, the amount of landfill-bound waste is kept to a minimum. In addition to only one bin of garbage a month, the president of the Metro Toronto Condominium Corporation 996 says the building also encourages its residents to recycle as much as possible.
France to Force Big Supermarkets to Give Unsold Food to Charities
The Guardian
Legislation barring stores from spoiling and throwing away food is aimed at tackling epidemic of waste alongside food poverty. French supermarkets will be banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food and must instead donate it to charities or for animal feed, under a law set to crack down on food waste. The French national assembly voted unanimously to pass the legislation as France battles an epidemic of wasted food that has highlighted the divide between giant food firms and people who are struggling to eat.
Keenan awarded £4m Aberdeen contract extension
Aberdeenshire-based organic waste reprocessor Keenan Recycling has been awarded a four-year extension to its contract to treat green and food waste on behalf of Suez Environnement, worth £4 million.
The food and garden waste comes from households in Aberdeen, collected through Suez’s long term waste and recycling contract with Aberdeen city council. Keenan Recycling has treated waste on behalf of Suez and Aberdeen city council since around 2007, and the new contract has an option to extend for an extra year.

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